July 10


Training, Coaching, and Mentoring | 3 Different Things

By Ken Jones

July 10, 2019

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Training, coaching, and mentoring are 3 very distinctly different things.

In the real estate brokerage industry, more specifically in the residential sector of the real estate brokerage industry, there's an obvious confusion about the benefits of these services, particularly with regard to coaching.


In this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show, I define and explain the differences between training, coaching, and mentoring. I also discuss who - meaning, what type of real estate agent - benefits most from each of these services.

But, more importantly, I dive into the issue of coaching and why so many real estate agents pay thousands of dollars a year to what I call, "coaching mills,," and get no benefit for their money.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

I go on to explain the problems associated with these "coaching mills" with their "one-size-fits-all approach and contrasts that issue with the benefits of a true individualized one-on-one professional real estate business coaching.

So, if you're a new real estate agent who's trying to decide which type of professional education service would benefit you the most, this episode will likely be a great benefit to you.

And, if you're an experienced agent trying to decide whether or not to hire a coach to help you reach the next level of your career, this episode is DEFINITELY for you, as well.

I hope you listen and enjoy this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show. And, I hope you leave a comment and tell me your experiences with coaching; the benefits you received or the problems you've encountered.


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