June 6


Sales: It’s All About Leads

By Ken Jones

June 6, 2018

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If you sell real estate (or almost anything else), you need leads.

In general, the more leads you have, the more sales you'll make.


So, you can certainly understand why having a steady supply of leads is essential in order to have a successful career as a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, there are real estate agents who think they can build a real estate career by paying companies like Zillow.com and Realtor.com to provide them with leads.


Real estate agents who buy leads (the majority of whom are those with little experience or little talent) pay thousands of dollars to these online giants with the hope of getting a steady supply of leads which they can convert into sales.

And, they pay thousands of dollars MONTHLY!


Not so many years ago, lead generation was simple; real estate agents would advertise a listing in a newspaper and buyers would call on those ads.

Newspapers also served as a source of potential new listings from property owners who advertised their own home for sale. There was also door-knocking (that we called "canvassing"), and cold phone calling asking if people wanted to sell.


Today, newspapers are dead.

There are federal and state "Do Not Call" lists that seriously inhibit cold-calling, and people just are to weary of strangers knocking on their door, assuming their even home.

Now, the Internet is king.

And, because most real estate agents have no idea how to develop their own sources of leads, combined with their anxiety due to their need to generate income, many end up paying thousands of dollars to websites like Zillow.com and Realtor.com to provide them leads.

Without trying to sound like an advertisement, after years of creating successful marketing programs for myself as well as having won several statewide advertising awards from the New Jersey Press Association, I've analyzed today's real estate industry and developed my Multi-Synchronous Marketing Strategy™.

I'll teach you how to develop and use my Multi-Synchronous Marketing Strategy™ totally FREE!

Listen to my podcast, "Sales: It's All About Leads" posted below to get more information about how to develop your own lead-generating system.

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