July 27


Real Estate Trainers: Do They Help or Are They Just Hype?

By Ken Jones

July 27, 2021

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When it comes to the value of real estate trainers, there are two distinctly different points of view. One group thinks that to pay a trainer is a complete waste of time and money; the other group believes it's essential to help achieve a high level of success and improve their current level of success. There is no middle ground, nor should there be.

I'm sure you must be thinking, "Of course, this guy is going to be in favor of real estate training because he's a real estate trainer." And, if you think that, you're 100% correct, but not for the reason you're probably thinking, which is because I make money from it. However, the only reason I train real estate agents is that I've always believed that professionally competent training is essential to becoming a highly successful real estate agent and staying at the top of your game.

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Who Needs a Professional Trainer?

The short answer is anyone who wants to maximize their potential needs a professional trainer. And, that's true for every type of individual professional, including real estate sales professionals.

For example, professional baseball players like Matt Sczczur, who played for the 2016 World Series-winning Chicago Cubs, took private training from hitting coach Kevin Wilson. And, professional basketball player and New York Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony, was privately coached and trained by Chris Brinkley.

There are thousands of top-level professionals, from international CEOs and superstar actors to the highest producing real estate agents, who continually seek the assistance of professional trainers to help them achieve and maintain their competitive advantage.


Huckster Trainers

As in all walks of life, including the real estate industry, some hold themselves out to the masses claiming to be a "professional trainer." But, are they professionally competent in real estate?

They have professionally designed websites, hire major national advertising firms to bolster their image, and bombard their target market with slick advertising.

They talk in platitudes with rhyming catchphrases that do nothing more than obscure the indisputable fact that they have little or no experience selling real estate. Furthermore, many of these "superstar real estate trainers" never sold real estate and have never had a real estate sales license.

Yet, year after year, these hucksters suck millions of dollars out of thousands of real estate agents by selling them one-size-fits-all products to fix generalized or non-existent problems. And, to no one's surprise, most of these unsuspecting agents see no improvement in their business.

So, it's easy to understand why so many think real estate trainers are a waste of time and money, probably because many of them have been victims of one or more of these hucksters, or they know someone who has.


What's a Professionally Competent Trainer

If you want to become a jet fighter pilot, the best person to learn from is an experienced jet fighter pilot. And, while you may be able to acquire an elementary understanding of aerodynamics and the layout of the cockpit from a simulator, you're never going to be a jet fighter pilot unless you get up in one with an experienced fighter pilot in the plane to help you.

Ergo, learning how to be a jet fighter pilot from an experienced jet fighter pilot is a perfect example of learning from a professionally competent trainer.

Likewise, the best way to learn how to become a high-producing real estate agent is to learn from someone who has already been a high-producing real estate agent, another example of a professionally competent trainer.

But, in addition to having been a top-producing real estate agent, you should also seek out training from someone who already has a proven track record in training real estate agents.


Yes, I'm a Real Estate Trainer

I've been training real estate agents to become more productive since I first opened my real estate brokerage firm in 1978.

But, unlike real estate agents in the 1970s, in today's real estate industry, agents are always looking to buy the newest "magic bullet." From paying someone else to supply them leads to buying useless scripts, every one of these shiny objects comes with the promise to provide a shortcut to magnificent levels of success. However, the only ones who are getting rich are the sellers of these money-wasting schemes.

And, while you can be far more productive by working smart than by working hard, only a fool believes these money-wasting schemes will provide a shortcut to success because there is no shortcut to becoming a high-producing real estate agent.

Finally, I believe the best way to help you become a high-producing real estate agent is to help you understand what motivates others to action and teach you how to use that information to create new business. I also believe in creating systems that will generate a continual flow of highly motivated sellers and buyers.


Ken Jones, May 1979

So, Are Real Estate Trainers a Help or Just Hype?

If you want to build a career as a top-producing real estate agent, and you understand there are no "get rich quick" methods to success, you can certainly benefit from being trained by a professionally competent real estate trainer.

However, if you're going to "follow the hype" to one of these big-name real estate faith healers who have little if any real estate sales experience, you're probably going to be worse off than you may already be.


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