March 19


Is the Multiple Listing Service Irrelevant?

By Ken Jones

March 19, 2018

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Is the multiple listing service irrelevant?

This is a question that more and more real estate agents and brokers are asking more and more frequently these days. But, it's really not a new issue.

In this episode of the Ken Jones Real Estate Show, I discuss the question of whether or not the Multiple Listing System (MLS) is Irrelevant. I explains the purpose of the MLS and how it's become an expensive and highly regulated entity.

I also discuss the extremely high cost of joining and maintaining membership(s) in an MLS and contrasts that to the use of free consumer websites, such as Zillow.

Data Sources Discussed:
Zillow/Trulia Website Statistics Website Traffic Statistics

FEMA Flood Maps (Free)

New Jersey Association of County Tax Boards (Free)

Maricopa County Assessor's Website (Free)

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and I hope you come back and listen to more real estate issues.

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