August 24


How Much Did You Lose on Your Investment Property This Week?

By Ken Jones

August 24, 2015

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How much did you lose on your investment property this week?

Why am I asking what is, apparently, a stupid question?

Because, I'm trying to accentuate the fact, that while those invested in the stock market, which is greatest gambling casino on Earth, have lost about 10% of the value of their investment through no fault or act of their own, people who own investment real estate haven't lost a dime.

Investment real estate owners are still collecting their rents, still paying their operating expenses, still paying their debt service, and still putting cash in their pockets every month, as usual. And, there's absolutely no reason to expect any change in their cash flow - unlike those who are invested in stocks.

In fact, it's more likely than not, that when those poor shlubs who are getting their brains beaten in during this latest stock market damage finally come to their senses, they're probably going to be looking to buy investment real estate (at least those who have some common sense). And, that's going to lift the value of the real estate owned by those who already own investment real estate.

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And, if you let me teach you how to become a successful real estate investor, after the next stock market dive, you can answer the question, How much did you lose in your investment property this week? by saying - I lost NOTHING! 😉

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